De Bas Chocolatier, Chocolate Peaches

Unbelievably fragrant. These were the ones we could smell before I even pried the box open.

White chocolate, milk chocolate, and peaches. You know how peach candy doesn’t taste quite like peaches but is a sort of close sugary approximation of what they think we want peaches to taste like? This was nothing like it.

It smelled like peaches – the real thing. It tasted like peaches – the real thing. I’ve lived in the fruit belt in British Columbia, Canada, and I was surrounded by acres upon acres of peach orchards. I’ve canned ’em, I’ve made peach jam, I’ve frozen them, I’ve made ’em into peach cobbler, peach pie, peach chutney, and the list goes on. Peaches I know.

These were real peaches. With white and milk chocolate.

I loved them.

Fahim’s reaction was that they were too sweet for him. I nearly fell down. I have a sweet tooth, but where I add two teaspoons of sugar to my tea, he adds four. Turns out he meant that it was because he just broke fast and it was too sweet for him right now. The planets realigned themselves into their proper orbit and my life resumed its intended course.

My niece loved them, I loved them, and I think I’m not letting Fahim have any more.

Man, they were good. Okay, there’s still a whole lot left, so I’m not saying they’re all in the past tense. But they were gooo-ooood!!!

Eljay, I’m a-gonna be thankin’ you after every single bite. Man oh man, I so owe you.

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