Day Two of District Conference

Royce from Negumbo and his computer first. At conference today, he said he went home, did what I told him to do, played around a bit, and figured out how to do oh, 80% of what he needed. He started entering in his ancestors and had a few done. He was ecstatic about the progress he was making. But he still wants to come down next Sunday after church for more training. Fine by me.

I’m also, coincidentally, meeting with the family history consultant in Colombo 2nd Branch next week since she couldn’t attend my meeting. They may overlap, but that hardly matters considering it’s all about family history.

We had Elder Larkins, the Mission President from the Singapore Mission here, along with his wife, and Elder Anderson, a member of the Asia Area Presidency here.

It was good. The talks given were spiritual, insightful, and relevant. Elder Anderson also called on members of the congregation to bear their testimonies, and some of the people he called on were shy, but they rose to the occasion.

Afterwards, I had a couple of meetings. Always the meetings. Always. Meetings and meetings and more meetings. That’s what happens when, well, yer livin’ my life. Or, at least, the one I’m living right now. 🙂

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