Cows Are My Life

I’m pretty sure it seems that way to some of you at least. Could it be because I take cow pictures at every opportunity? Perhaps I’m obsessed? Or is it because I am forever seeing cows? Perhaps these cows are all a figment of my imagination? Or perhaps I just live in a cow world? You decide, then let me know.

Fahim and I went to his work today so I could play on the internet for a while. Really, I do more than that. I check my email, although, truth be told, Fahim gets me my email every day when he’s at work, so it’s only a usual daily amount that I pick up. I also published my blog today, only there were some technical difficulties that neither Fahim nor I knew about until days later. Nevertheless, I tried. After that, I surfed the net.

What was I looking for? More Sri Lankan recipes, of course. I’d like to cook not just what comes spitting out of Fahim’s or my head, but authentic Sri Lankan stuff as well. Well, not just Sri Lankan, but Indian and other Asian food as well. So that’s one thing I hunted for.

Another thing I did was go to and follow the links to the Church’s distribution centre online catalog. There are free materials there that a person can order, including a catalog of all available Family History products.

See, last Sunday, I received the existing Family History supplies and whatnot from the missionaries, the Boises, who are going home at the end of this month. There was a lot of stuff they didn’t have that I happened to know was available. I used to work in the Family History Centre in Kelowna. So, no, I didn’t know because I’m psychic.

So. Anyways. On the online distribution centre site, I found the catalog I was looking for, put it in my shopping cart, then checked out. The catalog itself was free. It’s a standard 8 1/2 by 11 catalog about 2 mm thick. Not large. Perhaps weighs in at an ounce or two. The shipping cost?

$39 US and change. I cancelled the order. That’s frickin’ expensive. I’ll find some other way to get it.

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