Coconut Rocks Rock!

On his way home from work, Fahim stopped at Perera and Sons Bakery, like he does every couple of days or so. He buys a one pound loaf of bread which lasts us two days. I manage to cut it into ten slices, and for breakfast, he likes bread and jam. He eats four slices, I eat one. Oink! Oink!

Occasionally, he also brings a treat from the bakery. Today, he brought home these one inch pink squares – Coconut Rocks. Ingredients are coconut, sugar, food color, and flavor. Well, what’s the flavor? Don’t keep me in suspense like this!

They’re good, and it seems like the added flavor may be something floral, perhaps roses. I’m really not sure. But I like these Coconut Rocks, which are not at all hard and crunchy like Rock would imply. They’re soft and fall apart very easily.

Author: LMAshton

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