Clean water in Sri Lanka

While browsing around for info on electricity in Sri Lanka, I came across a website called The International Development Research Centre, Science for Humanity. And I found some interesting statistics, courtesy of The Little Green Data Book 2000.

  • Population: 19 million
  • Urban population, % of total: 23
  • Population density, rural (people per sq. km): 1652
  • Passenger cars (per 1,000 people): 15
  • Access to safe water (% of rural population): 77
  • Access to safe water in urban area (% of urban population): 83
  • Access to sanitation water in urban areas (% of urban population): 46
  • Access to sanitation water in rural areas (% of rural population): 2 (What the heck? Do they mean sanitation as in toilet facilities and septic tanks?)
Author: LMAshton

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