When Fahim and I were on the internet today, this morning in our time zone, brother Tony came online, and then niece Lou came online, and we chatted for a bit. Lou wanted to get onto audio chat – ie headphones & microphone – but I was trying to publish my webpages for this site and had problems the day before, and things were still a little gimped, so I was anxious to get it published and working properly – so I couldn’t go on verbal chat for a while until it was resolved.

Luckily, I knew I was going to be online for a few hours.

Finally, FrontPage decided to behave and published the website properly – hallelujah! – so Lou and I went onto audio chat. Happy day happy day!

And at some point, sister Kim came down and I chatted with her for a while, too, and nephew Ike was there, too, so I chatted with him, too.

I also chatted – but not audio chat – with a cousin Mel in British Columbia. I haven’t talked to him in quite a while either, so it was good to talk to him.

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