Cell Phones Need Money?

Yesterday, while I was making a phone call, my cell phone died.

Okay, not the cell phone itself. That’s still functional.

Not the battery, it still had a charge.

Not the network – it still worked fine and I had a good signal.

So what went wrong, you ask?

Simple. I ran out of money.

See, I could get a monthly cell phone plan – and pay 500-600 Rupees a month. Or I can go with a phone card and pay by the actual minute actually used.

Fahim bought the previous phone card. 400 Rupees back in August. it’s now December. That one phone card lasted me this long. Granted, I don’t talk on it very often, but still, 400 Rupees for over 3 months of use vs 500 Rupees x 3 months = 1500 Rupees. Yes, I provided that for the mathematically challenged in the group.

Translation: phone card cheaper by long shot.

The funny thing was that I had this voice in the back of my head a week ago saying, gotta check how much is left. I ignored it. Silly me. So really, it’s my own damn fault I ran out while I was in the middle of a conversation.

I told Fahim this when he came home for lunch yesterday, and he was going to buy me one on his way home from work, but he forgot. He does that sometimes. But I’m going out today, and I’d really rather have an actual functioning cell phone with the ability to make phone calls in case of emergency. Granted, I haven’t needed to make an emergency call yet, but that’s because I have the cell phone. If I didn’t have the cell phone, then that’s when I’d need it. You get the logic? I thought so.

But since I’m going out today anyway, and Mervin the trishaw driver will be taking me, I’ll get him to take me somewhere on the way to pick up a card. Kit card. And Fahim even told me how to load the money into the phone. Cool. I’ll be all set.

Fahim has even suggested that I get Mervin to buy the card for me. Never mind the fact that I’ll be in the trishaw and I’m perfectly capable of purchasing things. No, no, it’s because he doubts that the people at the store will speak English, and Mervin speaks enough to understand me, and he can get the point across better in Sinhalese while making sure that they get me the right kind of card. . .

I’d feel a little silly, but?

Author: LMAshton
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