So*, I mentioned to my oldest brother (8 years older than me) that I have cataracts and that I found out a few months ago. He then told me that he was diagnosed with them five years ago.

I guess it is a family thing after all. Maybe. Unless it’s a huge coincidence that the two sibs in the family who spend enormous amounts of time in front of computer monitors both have cataracts. Maybe it’s actually radiation or something from the monitors that does it. Oh! [/conspiracy theory]

Ah well.

Sometimes, I swear, my brain is just not screwed on tight enough!

Anyway, the bit I wanted to mention is that the fuzziness stuff – where it feels like a fuzzy film over the eyes, but no amount of rubbing actually makes better – is getting significantly worse. 🙁

Happiness is not cataracts. 🙁

Author: LMAshton

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