Canadian Elections??????

So*, I get an email today. Turns out, when I registered with the Canadian High Commission when I arrived here, it does pay off in some way.

Not that I ever received any of the warnings about violence or such about Sri Lanka that the other Canadians or Americans, for that matter, received. Or any of the invites to any of the High Commission events that all of the Americans living here received.

But I did receive a reminder that I could vote in the upcoming Federal Election even though I no longer live in Canada.

What? There’s an upcoming election? What happened? I don’t think Jacques Chretien’s time is up, but didn’t he have a minority government or something? No, wait, is that possible? Joe Clark was the last one… But Paul Martin is the current Prime Minister after Chretien stepped down, and that was about two years ago, so yeah, maybe his time is up. Okay, no problem.

Anyway. I go to Elections Canada and read the eligibility criteria.


Voter eligibility criteria

To vote, you must be a Canadian citizen and be 18 years of age or older on polling day.

You may register to vote by special ballot using the form in this guide provided:

1. you resided in Canada at any time before applying for registration;

2. you have resided outside Canada for less than five consecutive years since your last return to Canada (some exceptions apply); and

3. you intend to resume residence in Canada.


Yep. Guess that lets me out.

Author: LMAshton

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