Buddha Statue.

You can see them in various sizes all the way from small – a foot or so square – to large – a half dozen feet or so. Here’s one that I regularly pass on the way to church. Buddhists pay homage to the statue, make offerings, pray to the statue, put flowers in front of it, light lamps, put fruit or food offerings, and that’s about it. But I think that’s probably enough. Of a description. Of what they do. That is.

Damn those COWS. Here we have a few who are strolling, sauntering even, down a major road during heavy traffic. I counted four cows within twenty feet of each other. Traffic going in the opposite direction was virtually stopped – except for those cars who were able to sneak past the cows. And yes, the major roads here are only two official lanes wide – although the way traffic is, you’ll have up to four or five or so various vehicles – from busses to cars and trucks to trishaws, motorcycles, and bicycles – driving side by side down the road, however they can pack themselves in, all jockeying for room to maneuver to get in front of the other vehicles.

And this picture really falls under the category of, uh, why not? I also pass over this river on the way to church, and, for that matter, on the way to downtown Colombo, too. And that boat is always sitting there. There’s a matching boat down on the river, tied up, as well. Also always there.

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