Books on Dressmaking

Yeah, I’ve thought about having someone send it to me. Since my sister will be leaving so much sooner for the Maldives than we planned, I’m no longer in a rush to get the first dress sewn. It’s so unlikely that we’ll find and/or make a pattern before then as to be laughable. I have time – a couple of months. On the other hand, I don’t really want to leave it to anything even resembling the last minute. I need new dresses for church and at home anyway, so I may as well get going on them.

I’m mainly looking for simple patterns. Princess lines would be fine. I don’t like complicated, I hate frills and flounces and picky nitty detail that doesn’t suit my personality or temperament at all. Plus good fabric doesn’t need picky detail, and this is good fabric. So yes, if you have ideas and/or sites, please share!

Yep, I also have no problem adapting a blouse pattern into a dress. That’s easy. The hard part are the breasts and armpits. Everything else . . . [Big Grin]

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