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Fahim took my laptop with him to work this morning so he could publish my blog. I think the last time I published was last Saturday. Email he takes care of for me every day, but he hasn’t yet added the import/export feature to blog. Or perhaps he has and I don’t know it yet?

See, while what you are reading is a blog – that is, a web log, the program that was used to publish it, create it, edit it, all those things, is also Blog, with a capital B. I’m using version 7.0. Fahim is the author of the program. Hell, it’s because of Blog 7.0 that Fahim and I got together. But that’s for the website.

Fahim started working again on the next build of blog a week or so ago. He stopped working on it for the last month before I came over – he mutters something about how I was distracting him. I can’t imagine why. 🙂 And he was still too distracted for the next few weeks after I got here, but now, life is sort of returning to normal for him. Me, well, what’s normal anyway?

I digress. But then, I always digress, and I am so very good at digressing, so why not do it as frequently as I can?

I’m still using Blog 7.0. Fahim hasn’t finished testing it, and when he is and he thinks most of the bugs are out, I’ll most likely become his alpha tester, and sometime after that, he’ll let the rest of his bloggers at it so they can come up with a new list of demands for yet the next version of Blog.

And in all of this, I have no idea of what new features there will be in Blog 8.0. Yes, I know of a few, but that’s the limit. Fahim’s been talking about export/import, but I don’t know if that will be added yet or not. Hence the whole bit about Fahim has to take my laptop with him to work to publish my blog.

Oh, but one improvement in Blog 8.0 will be a word processing style entry screen. This one requires html tags, which is why I seldom bold or italicize or anything else, which would actually be handy, especially for labelling the recipes. Once I get the new version, I’ll go back and boldicize all the recipe titles. In theory, it’ll make someone’s life easier. Mine? Maybe. Yours? Ah, well, I dunno.

And this also reminds me that I need to give him proper credit somewhere on my bloggedy blog blog blog blogging web site. He is, after all, the master of blogging. I bow down to his superior knowledge and expertise.

Oh, and if you want to start your own blog, I can definitely recommend using Blog by Fahim Farook. Check out his Developer’s Corner. Yeah, well, you’ve probably already been there, but, you know, just stating the obvious.

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