Bionic Eyes

It’s called Bionic Eyes, but really, it doesn’t seem to me at all the same as the bionic eyes that Steve Austin had. That is, these eyes don’t make objects appear that much closer. Nope. These are contact lenses fitted with integrated circuitry.

Don’t get me wrong – still very very very cool. 😀 But I guess describing it as a computer in the eye would bring visions of pain and busted eyeballs more so than anything else. 😀

And this reminds me of those glasses – prototype, at any rate – that came out a few years ago that also had displays all over them. Also very cool.

What I find interesting is this bit:

Although the lenses have only been tested on animals

Um, this just leads to so many questions. Like how do you get feedback?

When using animals to test if a product is carcinogenic or otherwise harmful, it’s pretty easy to tell when the cancer tumours show up.

But how can you tell if the animal is having a useful experience with an integrated circuit in their eye? Just how much feedback can an animal give? Two barks for "great!" and one for "oh cwap!" or "the css styling needs some work"?

At any rate, it’s still very interesting and I, for one, am curious to see where this kind of technology can go. And the writer in me wonders how this is going to affect science fiction stories. Which leads to the next question…

What would you do with technology like this if you were to write a story?

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