Beef Burnt Curry

We had Beef Burnt Curry today, which was an accident. I forgot to check. I get sidetracked. I lose concentration on whatever isn’t immediately in my field of vision. I forget. Yeah, I burn water. I put it on, walk away, and literally forget all about it until the pot’s got a hole in it. So today we had burnt beef. But I managed to cover it up with tomatoes and onions and some of that chile sauce, and Fahim said he liked it, so it couldn’t have been too bad. Luckily, I also noticed it was burning in the very early stages of black crispness.

We also had pumpkin in the vegetable curry, but since Fahim doesn’t like pumpkin (or broccoli, or eggplant, or zuchini. Damn he’s a picky eater.) I picked it out of his and ate it myself. So he got everything else. I’m not complaining. I love pumpkin, and prior to living in Sri Lanka, had never considered the possibility of putting it into a curry. I’d only ever used it for things like pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread or cookies, pumpkin pie, that sort of thing. I’m now converted, even if Fahim is dead set against it.

Author: LMAshton
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