Because I’m Anal, That’s Why

I’ve had a few enquiries about our red rice, or pink rice, as I sometimes call it. I’ve cleared things up – I think – by saying that we buy the red rice, which is Sri Lanka’s version of brown rice. That is, it still has the hull or part of the hull or something like that on it much the same as brown rice does. But in our case, that stuff is red, not brown, hence the red rice bit. I’ve also previously stated that I call it pink rice because in the cooking process, the part of the rice that’s normally white gets stained by the red color from the hull, hence me calling it pink.

I also state that I think I cleared this up – but I’m honestly not completely sure – because at times my memory sux and is not as reliable as I’d like it to be.

So. If’n I’m borin’ ya with all this here repeatin’ stuff, ya’ll can go reed sumptin’ else, ya here?

Anyway, For a laugh and Also Because I’m Anal, I decided to take pictures. For your viewing and entertaining pleasure only.

Here goes.

First of all, we have a picture of the rice bag. Oh heck, why not?

Then we have raw red rice. And to the right is what it looks like cooked.

And here we have pictures of capsicum to the left and green chiles to the right. They may be called something else where you live, but at least this gives you a picture to go by so you know you’re getting the right stuff to use my recipes.

More comments on today.

. . .

. . .

Yep, that’s about it.

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