Back To Sick Ol’ Fahim

Still sick.

I feel terrible for him.

Today, we plan to take him to a doc. Unless he’s feeling significantly better.

Once more, he’s still in bed, attempting to sleep. I’m really not sure how much sleep he’s actually getting. He wakes up every hour or so, and that’s hardly conducive to good quality sleep.

Change in plans. Fahim manages to have a form of breakfast and then decides that today, he thinks he’s feeling well enough to go to work. But if he feels any worse, he’ll come home and go see a doc. Okay, as long as you’re sure, honey. I’m hesitant about him going to work, but on the other hand, he hasn’t been there since Monday. So he goes. But he goes to work late – for him. He leaves sometime after 9am. And yes, he did sleep in until a little after 8 am, so combine that with going to bed before 10 pm, even with waking up, he’s gotten a pretty decent amount of sleep. For several nights in a row. I think.

He comes back for lunch at 1:30, which is also late for him. I had assumed he’d gone to the mosque, so I wouldn’t see him until 2pm. He eats some more hot and sour soup I made for him yesterday – he likes it and it makes him feel better, so why not? Actually, he finishes it. He actually managed to eat a relatively normal amount of food, even if it’s in the form of liquids. He then returns to work around 2:30. He’s not looking (or smelling!) as terrible as he was, and he’s feeling about the same as he did this morning, so no worse, at any rate. This would be good.

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