Attack! of the Sand Creatures!!!

Every now and then, when I walk around the house outside, I’ll see all sorts of conical pits in the dirt/sand. I figured it was just the sand caving in where an ant nest was being dug to the surface. Then Fahim called me outside with "Photo op! Hurry!"

I didn’t need to hurry, except for his time line :p, but still, yes, photo op. 🙂

There were several dozen of these conical pits in the front of the house and, no doubt, even more along the side of the house.

We spy one with an insect in the bottom of the hole, and ant, writhing around. And that’s where Fahim starts with his theory. "It’s a trap", he says, designed to trap ants so they can’t get out, then the sand creature attacks from below. Which explains why the ant is writhing – it’s being attacked as we watch.

In another hole, I spot something, perhaps an insect, but it’s gone too fast to get a picture of it – it disappeared into the bottom of the pit. Probably the sand creature, Fahim says. And of course he has to go poking around in it. Typical boy. 😛

Author: LMAshton

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