Are the Tamil Tigers are suspending their rebellion until after the disaster has been taken care of?

Depends on how you define "suspending their rebellion". There’s been a cease fire since 2001, but there have been a lot of squabbles since then, and the cease fire is no longer due to a written peace treaty or anything, but more because both sides are playing the waiting game, waiting to see who will give in to demands first.

However. A police station was bombed a few months back. Tamils? That’s the theory, but who really knows?

The Tamils control the north and the east. There are army checkpoints all over the place there from what I’ve read. I haven’t actually been there, although it is open for tourism, at least theoretically. Well hell, I write for a travel magazine, and that’s what the magazine says. 🙂

Some news reports said the Tamils weren’t letting relief people in, but other reports said they were. Some news reports say that they’re letting a limited number of people in. Some reports indicate that there are trucks in those areas that have been hijacked at gunpoint.

News has been scanty coming out of the Tamil controlled areas, and as near as I can tell, there is no government verification of numbers or statistics. But then, at this point, the Tamil control everything in those areas. At gunpoint.

At this point, that’s pretty much all I know.

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