Apollo Hospital

After work, Fahim and I headed over again to visit his mother, who was supposed to be released around noon.

Originally, Fahim’s dad mentioned to Fahim something about how Fahim’s mom wouldn’t be released until she was seen by the doctor, and that, naturally, wasn’t scheduled to occur until after the new billing day was started. You know, anything to milk a buck. *rolleyes* Personally, had it been me, I would have walked. But I’m young, sort of, stubborn, and not willing to let them push me around just so they can make more rupees off of my illness.

I don’t know when the doc actually ended up visiting, but more tests were done, and she needed to stay until that evening just to make sure she was okay.

Before we headed over, Fahim called his brother to make sure their mom was still in the hospital, and his brother said not to come over. So naturally, we did. :p

More waiting. The doc finally came and Fahim’s mom was released from the hospital. Fahim went to get a few prescriptions filled, so I left with Malli and their parents and Fahim took the van that we’d arrived in.

And this is where I mention that, while we were still at the hospital, I was asked, by Malli, if I was up for cooking for everyone that night. Uh, well, thing is, you probably won’t like my cooking. I mean, while I can cook some things that are traditional Sri Lankan, most of what I cook is adapted for Fahim’s and my taste buds. Well, more for mine, but whatever. Would they like my cooking? I don’t know. Probably not.

Point is we stopped for take away on the way to their place. I think I was the only one who thought it was okay.

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