Ants REALLY REALLY squick me out

Long brown bugs, roughly the same size, shape, and color of our red rice, invaded the rice container. In an effort to get rid of them, I put the rice outside in the sun. In theory, they just vacate the premises. This usually works.

And in the case of these bugs, it probably did work.

But when I went back to bring the rice inside, what do I see but a steady stream of ants walking in and out of the rice container.

Ants don’t normally like rice. Nothing good for them to chew on. So why invade this container now?

Two theories.

One. There are enough dead bug carcasses in there for the ants to feed on.

Two. Ants are laying their eggs in it.

Either way? Ewwwww!!!

So what to do?

First things first. Kill all the ants outside of the rice container. Then put all the rice under water and soak it. Kill all the ants there, too. Soak over night and hope the ant corpses float to the top.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to cook up a boatload of rice.

Stir-flied lice, anyone?

Author: LMAshton

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