Anniversary Year One

We made it!

Neither of us has killed the other, or seriously maimed, or brutalized, or beaten up, or threatened, the other. We are both remarkably intact and undamaged by the first year of marriage.

<sigh>. And then there are those with no sense of humour. For you, here’s the substitute opening paragraph.

Fahim and I are still madly, happily in love, and get along remarkably well, the same as we have the entire year. He’s still, and always will be, my first pick for husband. He’s doing a great job. He treats me well. He’s supportive, kind, and fun to be with. If we didn’t laugh together, our marriage wouldn’t be worth much. Thankfully, we do. He’s a joy to be with. I’m glad I have him.

Does it seem like an entire year has gone by? Well, yes, and no.

Oh, should I mention that today marks two anniversaries?

The obvious one is our one year marriage anniversary.

The first, in chronological order, is the one year anniversary of me being in Sri Lanka. This one predates the other one by nine hours.

Well, sheesh, technically, I could mention a few others.

Like this also marks the one year anniversary of Fahim and I meeting in person for the first time. And our first kiss. And the first time he proposed to me in person (he’d only proposed to me over the internet and by phone a mere two hundred times. Or thereabouts. Honestly, we both lost track at somewhere over a hundred, and it was way way way more than that.). And the first time I accepted his marriage proposal in person. . . . And the list could go on. We’ll leave it at that.

I still love it here, I still love Fahim, I still love being with him. None of that will be changing.

I went to church in the morning as usual.

We had lunch from the Seven Plus – rice & curry take away. And they raised their prices to 75 Rupees a packet from 70. Fahim had already eaten by the time I got home – no big surprise considering how late I usually get home from church.

We watched another episode of Alias, season three, and for dinner, we went to the Flower Drum Chinese Restaurant.

We’ve eaten there several times before. Fahim, before I arrived here, before I entered his life, had eaten there many times. Usually, the service is good and the food is excellent. Today was the exception.

The soup, Tom Yum Seafood Soup, was excellent. We’ve had it before, and I love it. Immensely. Of the other three dishes we had, two were too salty, and all three were room temperature and took forver to arrive at our table.

It didn’t help that, after we received our soup, and before we’d ordered the rest of it, our waiter took a fifteen or twenty minute break – out of the restaurant. So we were delayed ordering because of that. And it didn’t help that, after our food was ready, it sat on the counter for twenty minutes before being whisked back into the kitchen and then out to our table. Why? Dunno. Our waiter – was he in the restaurant at the time? Uh, yeah.

So it was lukewarm and salty. Disappointing.

And then we went home with a huge bag of leftovers that we’ll have for lunch and possibly also dinner tomorrow.

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