And now I’ll resume an earlier thought.

Or something like that.

I got to play on the internet today. Added a red meat page. Also updated other recipe pages. You’ll find that listed on the main Sri Lankan page.

I also updated a few more sites. Like my main Laurie Ashton page. And I added a Family History page – but that needs a whole heck of a lot of work. I have hardly anything on it. That will change. 🙂

For that matter, if you know of any good family history sites, let me know. I’m looking specifically on sites that have general info on family history – tips for beginners, things like that – as well as Mennonite family history, and Sri Lankan family history. The Sri Lankan bit – well, I’m not counting on anything there. Sri Lanka is not yet known for its internet presence, which is really unfortunate.

Having said that, if you know of any Sri Lanka family history resources that aren’t on the internet, please email me with those, as well.

I also updated my Laurie Ashton personal page. Not entirely sure what all I’ll put on it. I’ll see what happens. I also tend to doubt that it will be updated all that frequently. For now, everything exciting that’s happening in my life – that I don’t mind the world knowing – happens on the Sri Lankan pages.

What else?

That’s pretty much it.

Oh, and I also got to play on the internet a bit, but only a bit.

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