And Life Sort Of Returns To Normal

Question is, what’s normal? Or is that Nermal? And isn’t Nermal just the cutest? But not as cute as Oberon. Or Tellulah.

Speaking of cute, Fahim wants to get rid of my cats. Or at least one cat. Tellulah.

Oberon is nice and gentle and kind and doesn’t whine, he says. Tellulah climbs on the kitchen counter (just this morning), gets into Fahim’s shoes (for what purpose, we still don’t know), whines pretty much the whole day long (c’mon, we change her schedule, we ship her halfway around the world, she doesn’t get to sleep on the furniture or any other nice soft places – because Fahim’s in a tizzy about that sort of stuff – and she has to use sand, not kitty litter. Wouldn’t YOU be upset?), and generally wreaks havoc all over in his general direction.

I say he’s being sexist.

Author: LMAshton
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