And if you want to read about fake tsunami pictures . . .

And look at them, too, then look here.

And read about the television news channel in Australia that showed them. To over a million viewers.

Well, one of them I’ve received and I didn’t know it was a fake. I just thought people were dumb for standing around with an umbrella as water rushed towards them.

Oh, and there are even more of them here.

And all of them have been either sent to me or I’ve seen elsewhere and labelled as photos of the 2004 tsunami.

Guess I’m a sucker, too. 🙁

I dug a bit more on Snopes, and it turns out they have a whole lot of stuff on there.

Like unusual deep-sea pictures supposedly washed up by the tsunami.

They also have a real photo of a large pile of debris and corpses washed up by the tsunami. I haven’t looked at that one, though. I would warn that it’s probably graphic and upsetting. Which is why I’m not going to look at it.

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