And Here I Thought Tellulah Was the Smart One

But I was obviously wrong . . . On some matters only.

But I’m going to digress first. This is a normal activity for me – digressing – so please, gentle reader, do not be alarmed.

I woke up, as usual, at around 6 am. Fahim has been incredibly good for me in terms of setting and keeping an excellent and stable sleep schedule. There was another word I wanted to throw in there instead of ‘stable’, but it disappeared from my brain. Perhaps it’s visiting Sesame Street along with the letter Q and the number 13.

But I digress.

And let me tell you, it really takes talent to digress within a digression. But I digress again. This is getting positively. . . layered with digressions inside digressions inside digressions.

But I digress again. So back to being awake at 6 am.

This morning, we had a pretty nice looking sunrise. The sunrise itself wasn’t nice. Well, it wasn’t bad, but considering it’s doing the only thing it’s supposed to do, other than fusion. Or is that fission? I can never seem to remember. But it has something to do with converting Helium into Hydrogen, I think, which is what creates all that energy. That’s its real important job. But the next is to rise on our horizon every day, and I gotta say, it’s been doing a consistent job of it.

And today, it decided to celebrate its consistency with giving us a nice color show.

Remember me mentioning that Tellulah escaped into the neighbor’s garden overnight? Well, she was still there this morning. Fahim told me that he’d seen Oberon down there and he’d managed to come back alright, so what was Tellulah’s problem? He laughs at the concept of Tellulah being the smarter one because of this. Well, Fahim’s gone to work, and I’m encouraging Oberon, who really doesn’t understand much English at all, to go over the roof, down the fence into the neighbor’s yard and rescue Tellulah and bring her home. He looks at me like I’m nuts.

Finally, about a half hour or so after I try talking Oberon into this, I see him down there with Tellulah. The two are clearly enjoying themselves.

Okay, this could work, I think to myself. So when Tellulah and Oberon are both in the area by my front door steps, I call to Oberon, hoping he’ll come back and Tellulah will see how he’s done it and will follow.

Does it work?

Are you kidding me?

Of course not.

Oberon ignores me, then later, when Tellulah is at the other end of the garden and can’t see what he’s doing, then he decides to come home. And I finally figure out how that cat who can’t jump cuz he’s too fat (New movie scheduled for release on Christmas Day 2003 – "Fat Cats Can’t Jump") manages to scale an eight foot wall. He does it by scrambling up a five inch in diameter tree that’s right beside it. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?

So Oberon comes home like a good little boy. And abandons Tellulah in the garden.

About a half hour or so later, Tellulah’s over by the tree Oberon used, so I call her name, hoping she’ll scale the wall and come on home. I call her name, and what does she do?

Yep. She does things the hard way.

No, she doesn’t use a tree to climb the wall. Nope. She jumps it. And probably broke a nail or two in the process, too. But she gets up the wall, and that’s the important thing. I figure that, now that she’s on the wall, the rest of it’s easy and she can figure it out.

I come back inside and hear some weird noise in the living room. What the heck?

Turns out it was the vibrating battery on the cell phone. When I’m in church, I turn the volume down low enough so that if Fahim SMS’s me while I’m there, I’ll hear it, but no one else will. Or at least that’s the theory.

I answer the phone, and it’s Fahim, and he’s been trying to get ahold of me for the last ten or fifteen minutes, while I’ve been outside calling to Tellulah. I of course could not hear it ring. He tells me that the downstairs neighbor is home and waiting for me at their gate to come and get Tellulah. Or at least she was fifteen minutes ago. I hurry downstairs – bringing the phone with me this time – and she lets me in to look in the garden. Where Tellulah is not. Okay, so she got on the fence and didn’t go back down, but she didn’t come in the back door either, so where was she?

I come back upstairs and call her name out the back deck. No Tellulah. I just don’t know where she is.

I try calling out the front, too, just in case, and nope, no Tellulah. I keep trying. I’m either stubborn, persistent, or um, stubborn. Yeah. Finally she shows up at the front gate expecting me to let her in. Never mind the holes in the fence she can climb through with very little difficulty. She hasn’t figured that part out yet. So I, like a servant, have to let the princess in.

At least she’s fine – healthy and all that.

Author: LMAshton

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