Acupuncture Again

My back problems didn’t appear overnite, so they won’t likely go away overnite, either.

They started when I was a small child and fell out of a moving vehicle onto my head on the pavement. And there were other various falls over the years, and then the five years I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, complete with all the lousy Asian drivers.

I say lousy because they didn’t know how to adjust to driving with Canadian drivers. Here, I would be expected to learn to drive their style, or at least in a way that’s not going to cause accidents. But in Vancouver? Nope. A lot of them keep driving the way they were used to in the mother country, and it wreaks havoc.

In the five years I lived in Vancouver, I was rear-ended something like eight times.

Can you say "whiplash"? Soft tissue injury. That’s what did it.

Anyway, I’m still getting acupuncture, and I probably will for a while, and yes, it helps.

On the way home, I had the trishaw driver stop at a mail box for me. I had letters to mail. Not Mervyn, my usual trishaw driver – he was busy on another hire. So the trishaw driver stops in front of a post office, and I ask him if I have to go inside the building, or do they have a mail box outside? He points to my left. I look, and what do I see?

A bright red overgrown fire hydrant. Five feet high. Same approximate shape. But with a horizontal slot in front about eight inches wide and two inches tall. Bright red. That should’a been the first clue. Universal color for mail boxes?

Unfortunately, no pic. I’ll take one the next time I see one.

You know what? When you’re in a foreign country, and you’ve never seen that country’s version of a mail box before, and you don’t know what they look like, it can be pretty hard to find one. But now I know. And I am so much the wiser. 🙂

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