Actor’s Death Predicted

A Sri Lankan actor was on the news today talking about the political situation here.

Let me interrupt first and say that pretty much every local news program here has politicians and other influential people on the show every day spouting off their opinions, and "vote for me"s in the case of the politicians, and most of the time, even when they’re speaking in English, I still don’t understand them because their accents are so thick.

This morning, it was an actor who, as Fahim translated to me, spoke out against all the politicians, calling them all crooks, and saying that people need to vote for the least bad crook of the lot.

Fahim also tells me that the President had a tea party for local actors, and it was supposed to be some social thing but it turned into a political promotion, surprise surprise by her saying later in the newspapers that all those people are supporting her.

One actor, at the tea party, spoke up and said that the President promised she would do this and that for the actors, but never followed through, so what makes you think we’re going to believe you this time when you promise this and that and the other? You say that it’s because your ministers were all corrupt, but they were in power for six years, so why didn’t you do anything for six years? All you politicians are corrupt.

Back to the President claiming support from all these actors in the papers later. . . Then some of the actors started speaking up saying no, no, I went to this tea party because I was invited, but not because I’m supporting the President’s party. I’m not supporting her.

So this actor on the news today is speaking severely against the President, and Fahim’s comment is, "I wonder how long it’ll be before he dies." If the President doesn’t order a hit on him, someone else will take care of it himself.

All because he speaks out against the President?

Yep. People here hold grudges. You think your husband/wife/cousin/boss/sibling holds a grudge? They could take lessons from Sri Lankans.

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