Abandoned Property Next Door Gets Facelift

Two men, labourers, showed up next door this morning, about 9 am, and started hacking away at the vegetation. It rained a couple of times, once for only 15 or 30 seconds, and they worked through. Finally, about 3.30 pm, they left.

The result?

All the bushes, trees, vines, plants of whatever description that were formerly growing on the property have been uprooted, hacked, and otherwise dug up – all except the banana trees.

And there was an awful lot of garbage in there, too. Empty pop and water bottles, oil containers, bug sprays, a broken plastic chair, paint cans, hanging plant baskets, and more. Lots and lots and lots of garbage.

They didn’t haul anything away – just left the dug up vegetation lying there. It’s pretty likely, I think, that they’ll be back in a few days, pile the dried vegetation together, and burn it. That’s what people here seem to do.

After that?

Well, if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that soon, construction will begin on a house.

Why else would anyone deal with all that vegetation when it’s been ignored for longer than Fahim and I have lived here?

When I told Fahim about it later, he said the same thing.

I’ll be curious to see how long everything takes and how they do it – and yep, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be taking pics of all that, too.

Of course. 😀

Author: LMAshton
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