A banana plant falleth down

A few days ago, a fierce wind started up suddenly. The wind was strong enough to make the mango tree across the road sway and sway and sway to the point I wondered if all that bending would send the tree crashing to the ground.

The mango tree is fine, but that wind bent a couple of banana trees in the next door lot bend a little too far.

Here you can see the banana plant on the left is bent over at a not-good angle. A smaller banana plant on the far right of the bunch of banana plants is completely down.

The taller one at the left stood at that angle for an hour or so after the wind died down. Then, suddenly, a large Crack! Followed by a bunch more loud Crack!s.

Poor, poor banana plant. The banana plant fell over and toppled to the ground.

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Author: LMAshton

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