5 Reports of Pre-Election Violence

What kind? How serious? I have no idea.

Fahim says it’s the usual thing, and it’s probably just beatings. Oh, well, okay then.

It was on the news right after a Buddhist monk got on announcing that he was running in the election. Apparently, 25 Buddhist monks are running, because they say they’re worried about the country, but as soon as the country is straightened out, they’ll step down.

Yeah. Right.

Get a little bit of power, and you really think they’re going to let go? Hardly.

And this is my next question: Straightened out how? Make sure that no Muslims/Christians/Buddhists have any power? Make sure that no one is legally permitted to change religions? Burn everyone who’s different from them?

Isn’t running in an election against their beliefs? Not for Buddhists in general, but for the monks?

And for the record – I am NOT anti-Buddhist. I AM, however, anti-extremist and anti-control-everything-in-everyone-else’s-life. Leave people alone, let them worship their higher power, if they believe in one, regardless of what they call that higher power, however they want, or don’t want, and just live in peace already.

The election is scheduled for April 2nd.

Any bets on how many people die between now and then?

Author: LMAshton
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