A snake charmer

When my sister and her family visited us in Sri Lanka in 2004, we went out and did a few touristy things in Colombo.

Of course I'd heard of snake charmers, and of course I'd seen animated movies and such with snake charmers in them. Who in the west hasn't? And when you see the snake charmers in animations, you see snakes climbing higher and higher and higher…

The reality wasn't quite so impressive. What you see in the photo was about as high vertically as they got. Bummer. A hundred rupees down the drain…

4 thoughts on “A snake charmer”

  1. Momma, I always wondered, too.

    Socalgal, I’m not sure. I don’t know snakes. Okay, just asked Fahim and he says yes. He also says the snake charmers cut out the venom sacs, so even if you were bit by one, it wouldn’t harm you beyond the bite itself.

    Oddly, I wasn’t worried about snake bits at the time…

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