A beef shop in Sri Lanka

Beef shops like this are common in Sri Lanka. And yes, there are flies everywhere. Can't help it. They just are.

The carcasses are hanging on hooks, open to the road. Point to the part of the carcass you want and the butcher lops it off for you. And chops it up, too, if you want.

Cow intestines are in a pail. I saw a woman pick up a pile of the intestines, throw it on the ground so she could check out the rest that was underneath. She must not have liked what she saw since she shoved the intestines that were on the ground back into the pail, dirt and bits of gravel and all.

This guy spoke no English – no surprise, but also no problem since Fahim was there and spoke to him in Sinhalese. They were rather amused that I wanted to take a photo and yes, that's the butcher posing for me.

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