Twitter, Twittering, and Tweets

<a href="" target="_blank">I'm twittering now</a>. Have been for a while. It's kinda fun and interesting. :) 

<a href="" target="_blank">Twittering</a>, for those who don't know, is basically microblogging. 140 characters of whatever you want to say about whatever. It can be random thoughts or events that are too small to make a blog post about. </p><blockquote>    <p>        Sprats, marinated in red chilli pepper &amp; salt, then deep fried in virgin coconut oil = very very good! :)     </p> </blockquote><p>    Yeah, like that. :)

The Twitter posts are called tweets, by the way, not twits. :D 

Updates are posted on <a href="" target="_blank">the user's page</a>, but can also be downloaded into an RSS feed reader, just like any blog RSS.

And there are hundreds of tools to twitter around with, but that'll be another day.

I mostly tweet about the odd happenings - from the expat Canadian perspective, of course - here, plus about writing and geek stuff.

Do you twitter? Who are you on twitter and what do you tweet about?
Author: LMAshton

3 thoughts on “Twitter, Twittering, and Tweets

  1. I Twitter. Guess I’m a twit, then (very nice :))I never thought I would, but it’s as dreadfully addicting as facebook now that I’ve gotten started.

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