The Internet’s Broken!

For us, at any rate.

It started yesterday morning when we suddenly lost the ability to access sites like Google, Amazon, and so very many more. We had no problem accessing sites on servers within Sri Lanka, but North American sites were more than problematic.

Turns out it wasn’t our imagination. Turns out it’s another undersea cable that was cut, this time off the coast of Egypt. Previous Internet outages for us have been caused by undersea cables severed off the coast of Taiwan and another undersea cable leading out of Sri Lanka.

Just confirms our status in Outer Darkness.

Author: LMAshton
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2 thoughts on “The Internet’s Broken!

  1. The account I read said it would take 12-15 days. Based on prior experience with this, I’d say that’s a fair estimate, although I won’t be surprised if it takes longer.

    What usually happens in cases like this is that the traffic is rerouted through other undersea cables and such so that our Internet speeds, while still slower than normal, aren’t affected as badly as they are within the first 24 hours of the cable being severed.

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