Sub-Marine Cables Cut – Internet Slow?

Does it feel like your Internet is slow? Depending on where in the world you are, it could be because of cut sub-marine cables. This time, the cables that were cut are in the Mediterranean Sea and there are three, SMW 3, SMW 4, and FLAG.

While this article at USA Today doesn’t mention Sri Lanka specifically, it does say that 65% of traffic to India is thought to be down, and Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Pakistan are also heavily affected. This article at PCMag says that 82% of India is down. A Google news article states that Maldives is completely down, while Qatar and Djibouti are losing over 70% of their traffic.

Causes for the cut cables is unclear – could be seismic activity, although ship anchors have been to blame in the past.

Repairs are estimated to take either a few days or until 31 December, depending on the news source. Ouch!

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