Retro Fahim

2023-02-11/12 day 239/240 of doing art every day for a year (mostly – I took sick days off). 

This was a bit weird, but also strangely fun!

I followed another Tatyworks tutorial. And by follow, I mean sort of but not entirely. 🤣 I went rogue at one point, then reined it in at the end.

I used a photo I took of my dearly beloved, of course. And at one point, gave him entirely too many moustache curls. 😂 I fixed it, though. The curls were a bit much.

Halfway through, I quit. I hated it at that point. Then a day later, I figured, nope, gotta finish it. It’s all about learning something, right? Right? I mean, that’s why I do these tutorials. Right? 🤣 So I finished it. And here is the most lovely result.

Retro Fahim

Here is the timelapse for Retro Fahim:

And here’s the tutorial:

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