Pine on A Ridge

2023-03-02 day 258 of doing art every day for a year (mostly – I took sick days off).

This is complete experimentation on my part. I see things I would change if I were to do it again, and yet, I still like it. This is what can happen when I do my write-up a month after the fact. I had thought I followed a tutorial, but could not find it despite scrolling through my usuals three times. So I thought I must be imagining things and it was all me. But the thought nagged, so I went back for another look, and oh lookie there, not one of my usuals.

This could be the first ATI_art tutorial I followed. Link is below.

Nope. Took another look. I’ve done at least three of theirs. *sigh* My poor brain.

Pine on the Ridge

The time lapse is here:

I followed this tutorial by ATI_art:

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