One very weird day…

I went outside to the front yard - probably to hang up laundry or something - and I heard a loud buzzing noise. So what do I do? I get closer to the buzzing noise, of course. This is no horror movie, after all. Theoretically. And what do I see when I get closer?

From wildlife
From wildlife
Hundreds, probably thousands, of flying insects on the other side of the wall. Weird. Not flies, although fairly close to that size and shape.

Was there a dead body? Not human, no. Possibly a rodent or something. Never saw anything - didn't want to look. Didn't smell anything, either, but possibly they already ate it all and there wasn't anything left to see.

Yeah. I'm morbid.

Oh, but no, those aren't flies, says Fahim. Those are bees.


I'm allergic to bees.

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