Neighborhood Monkeys

One of my favouritest things about Sri Lanka…

Having neighborhood monkeys. Purple face langurs, aka purple faced leaf monkeys, despite absolutely no trace of any actual purple on them. Or leaves, either, for that matter.

The way they jump around in those trees? The pic's a little blurry – sorry. 🙁

Having breakfast in the neighbor's mango tree. Mangoes! Yum!

They travel as a pack, these ones.  But on this day, there was only one I could see. They're good at hiding.

Perched on another tree, enjoying the view.

Author: LMAshton

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Monkeys

  1. That’s so wonderful to have living things all around, not just bugs and insects. I love the furry creatures too. Would love to see more of them. Love the pictures and thanks for sharing them!

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