It tried climbing up our living room window. Course, it didn’t work well, being glass and all. *roll eyes*

Um, big strong hairy husband, aka Fahim, is doing nothing. He’s working, and that’s his excuse. In reality, he’s a big strong scaredy cat. :p

Seriously, as far as he’s concerned, it’s no big deal. After all, he’s a local, and this is just life as usual. He does, however, think I’m nuts for taking so many pictures.

Oh cwap. I should have started cooking lunch like a half hour ago. And I should have started washing dishes like a half hour before that. *Eek!* Oh no! He gets grumpy when he’s not fed! And no, I’m not talking about the lizard – I’m talking about Fahim.

It’s trying to climb up the glass again. We’re scared it’s going to eventually break the glass. Of course, it doesn’t get very far, but does make a lot of rubbing noises as he slides down. :p

Hey, I gotta get my amusement wherever I can. Ya know?

Author: LMAshton

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