King Fisher

2023-03-09 day 265 of doing art every day for a year (mostly – I took sick days off). 

I decided that today, I would do my own thing while applying the lessons from yesterday’s tutorial. Today’s subject is a king fisher. This bird was a frequent visitor to our house in Sri Lanka, so I feel a bit of affinity for the bird.

I didn’t do things exactly the same as yesterday’s digital painting, of course. Nevertheless, it is done and I’m quite happy with the results.

I used only standard Procreate brushes:

  • Sketching/Narinder Pencil
  • Water/Wet Glaze
  • Water/Wet Sponge

It took me just over 2h 9m and 5916 strokes. I took my colour palette from the reference image.

My time lapse is here:

I used this reference image as seen below from Unsplash.

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