Good Friday.

There are religious processions everywhere. Major ones.

Never mind that only something like 7.4% of the population is Christian – there are still major processions.

Everyone here – or at least it seems like everyone – is very vocal about their religious views and being generally public about their religion.

North Americans, or perhaps it’s more so Canadians, tend to be much more private, reserved, and politically correct about religion. Don’t want to offend anyone. Don’t want to push religion. You know.

But here? Nah. All bets are off. Buddhist shrines are close to everywhere, it seems. Big statues, little statues. Everyone here seems to be passionate about everything. Canadians? Apathetic.

And the Christians are no exception, it seems.

I took these photos from Michele’s car. Michele is another foreign woman at church. She’s Trinidadian, but grew up in England, where she met her husband – or something like that. Anyway, I’m in her car because she’s having some computer problems and asked the resident geek. Me.

She told me that, on her way to pick me up, traffic was stopped and there were crowds and crowds of people, and it was now very quiet by comparison. And people were still now crossing the streets in the middle of heavy traffic. Okay, they usually do that, but it’s usually one or two people at a time and miles apart. Today, it was crowds of people all stepping into traffic, and if you didn’t have great brakes, you’d dent the grill. Look both ways? Are you kidding?

Anyway, this was as close as I got to any procession, and honestly, this was close enough.

As for the computer, Michele thought they had a virus.

They didn’t. They had, instead, prolific adware. As in 162 incidents of adware. But no virii, trojans, worms, or spyware. I cleaned it up, I added a firewall, I ran a virus scan, and everything was clean, and their computer now works. Hallelujah! Oh, yeah, and they’re grateful, too. They can now use the internet without all those annoying pop up ads popping up. See, one of the adware bits changed the homepage for them to one that automatically pops up a plethora of pop ups, much to their dismay. Past tense. Present tense – they’re happy.

When Michele dropped me off, we noticed these mushrooms in the sidewalk. My first thought – and to make me feel less dumb, I’m going to add that it was also Michele’s first thoughts, as well as those of her daughter – that these mushrooms sprung up through the cracks in the concrete.

Ah. No.

They were put there as a part of these Good Friday celebrations.

I dunno. I don’t get it. Neither does Fahim. Or anybody else we know.

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