Favourite Photos of 2007

monkey sitting on the telephone line, Trachypithecus vetulus, purple faced langur, purple faced leaf monkey Sri LankaThis is one of our neighborhood purple-faced langurs, aka purple-faced leaf monkeys (Trachypithecus vetulus). He’s sitting on the telephone line just outside the window where I sit, using my computer. He’s close enough that I could have touched him if I stood up and opened the window. Well, and if he reached over to me… 🙂

Honestly, I have no idea how in the world the telephone line is still hooked up to our house given the weight of that monkey. I really don’t have a clue.

I thought the adult monkeys were close to a hundred pounds, but it looks like their weight is closer to 10kg, or 20 pounds or so, which seems unbelievably low to me, especially in light of Oberon being 15 pounds, nearly 16 at his heaviest.

And in the process of learning all that, I also learned that the purple-faced langur is also an endangered species. 🙂

parakeet or parrot,  Sri LankaI wish I knew what kind of parrot this is, but I haven’t been able to identify it yet. If you know, please give me a heads up?

This parrot became a pet at his office, a friend of the security guards. The parrot was, of course, free to come and go as he pleased, but inevitably, he hung out with his buddies. 🙂

henna tattoo,  Sri LankaWhen Fahim and I attended a wedding-related function for one of his relatives, one of his cousins was giving many of the other younger women and teenage girls henna tattoos. She asked me if I’d like one, and I jumped at the chance. Why not? 🙂

frog in the bathroom,  Sri LankaYou know how I scream at geckos and spiders? I also scream at wee little frogs. 🙂

This little froggy lives behind the tap fixtures in the bathroom at Fahim’s parent’s house in Kurunegala, along with his/her companion/partner/whatever. In other words, there are at least two of them.

Cute little guys. 🙂

Fahim making faces as usual,  Sri LankaYeah, I married a strange guy. 😛

Happily, I like him this way. 😀

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