At our house in Sri Lanka, we'd see chameleons in our yard every now and then. Sometimes every day for a month or two, sometimes not for months at a time. But then, these are chameleons after all, and who's to say they weren't always there and just better at hiding on some days than on others?

There were at least two. I know there were at least two because I caught two having sex one day. And I have a photograph of it somewhere. Yeah, I'm weird...

At any rate, here are some of my favourite photos of the chameleons that visited us/made our yard their home.
From wildlife
This chameleon above is sitting on a croton leaf, one of its favourite spots.
From wildlife
Another view of the chameleon on the croton leaf.
From wildlife
This chameleon is on the trunk of our jambu tree, another favourite spot for the chameleon.
From wildlife
Here, the chameleon is sunning himself (herself?) on the top of the wall separating our property from the next door lot.
From wildlife
Underside shot of the chameleon parked on a dried-out palm leaf.
From wildlife
Same leaf, but another vantage point.

By the way? Chameleons as regular inhabitants of my yard? Definitely a big plus for me. :)
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