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Scenes from Auckland, New Zealand

When we first arrived in New Zealand, we stayed in a serviced hotel in the heart of…

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Now tell me what these two have in common

First, we have: And then we have: Tell me. What DO they have in common, dear reader?…

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Leonard Nimoy and Auckland – What do they have in common?

Watch the video first. Then look at the picture. And tell me what you figure out. 😀

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A Room With A View

Auckland is an amazingly beautiful place to live. Beautiful views, clean air, next to no litter in…

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Birds, Birds, Birds

While we didn't have as many birds in Auckland as we did in Sri Lanka, we still…

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Life in Auckland, New Zealand – the Early Days

We were in New Zealand for close to half a year. During that time, we were in…

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A new adventure in New Zealand

From New Zealand Fahim and I arrived in New Zealand last on the 28th of February. By…

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Our View

We landed in Auckland, New Zealand. The weather? Not pass-out-from-the-heat hot. Pleasant. Not too warm, not too…