Are foreign visitors welcome in your country?

A surprising map of the countries that are most and least welcoming to foreigners Blue countries are more welcoming, red countries less. Where does yours rank?

I ran across the above article a couple of weeks back. What with one thing or another, I'm only finally getting around to posting about it now. Please read the article.

Based on the countries you've been to, do you agree or disagree with these results?

Unfortunately, we're not given a whole lot of information about what questions were asked of those who participated in the poll. Was the poll something as simple as a single question asking "How welcome do you feel foriegners are in your country?" Or was more information asked for? From what I can tell from reading the PDF, it seems that a single question was asked. See section 12.02 Attitude of population toward foreign visitors:

How welcome are foreign visitors in your country? [1 = very unwelcome; 7 = very welcome]

Based on the countries you've been to, do you agree or disagree with these results?

Now what if I ask you the origin of those visitors? Do you think it will matter? What if the visitors are white versus brown or black. What if the country is, say, India, and the visitors are from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, or Bangladesh versus white visitors from, say, the UK, the USA, or Canada? What if the country is Israel and the visitors are from a predominantly Muslim country?

Does the country visited and the country of origin matter? Does the colour of the visitor's skin or his or her accent? What if they bring their children under the age of five? What if they dress like slobs or barely cover anything? What if the foreign visitor is disabled, required a walker or a wheelchair?

In my experience, it seems that the question "How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?" isn't as meaningful as it could be.

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