A lizard came for a visit…

This guy is about 15" or so long, including the tail, so not terribly big. I saw him when I came out the back door, and of course, he promptly ran away. I followed him, as quietly as I could, but evidently, I’m still loud enough that I spooked him.

When he reached the carport, he turned directions and decided to head up – up the wall and over.

If you’re not used to them, lizards can be surprisingly agile. The first time I saw a 4" lizard crawl up a cement wall, I was astonished. Seeing this wee little guy? Not as surprising.

Buh-bye, wee little lizard. Come back for a visit again soon, eh? 🙂

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Author: LMAshton
Howdy! I'm a beginner artist, hobbyist photographer, kitchen witch, wanderer by nature, and hermit introvert. This is my blog feed. You can find my fediverse posts at https://a.farook.org/Laurie.

2 thoughts on “A lizard came for a visit…

  1. I don’t know, and neither does Fahim.

    Geckos can drop their tails as a defense mechanism and a new one will grow back, that much I know. But I have no idea if other lizards are also like that.

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